What SmartGurlz Families are saying

  • 5 STARS !!!  Smart and Cool...

    I got this for my niece this year and all the parents were asking me where I got and saying their kids HAD to have one. It was to say the least my niece was coolest kid at the school! Mentioned I saw it on Shark Tank!

    Donna Pigsley
    Potomac, Maryland


    This a first for us, but we simply had to convey our happiness with your product. We’re parents of 2 girls, Dylan (10) and Evie (7). We all absolutely love the SmartGurlz! As parents, we’ve vigorously pursued entertaining activities to get our girls more exposed and practiced in coding. Your product has surpassed our expectations in every way.

    Josh Kleine
    Boulder, Colorado

  • Love these!

    My daughter and my girlfriend's daughter both love their SmartGurlz Jen dolls and siggy! They are fantastic tools for getting girls into coding, and they're fun to boot!

    Marianne Shelby
    Las Vegas, Utah

  • WIN!!

    My daughter got this from “Santa”, and at first wasn’t too excited about it because she didn’t recognize it from any tv commercials. However, since I got her to play with it, she hasn’t touched any of her other presents! This toy is awesome! My daughter spends hours playing with it, instead of fighting with her brother. Win!

    Lisa Paglia